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The no-compromise solution

Tired of choosing between lower premiums, fewer out-of-pocket expenses, or better care? With Nonstop HealthTM, you can have all of the above.

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How you benefit

Nonstop HealthTM comes with great advantages for employers, employees, and brokers.

Employee recruitment and retention

Make your compensation package look even more attractive with a simpler, better health plan that saves employees money and provides true peace of mind.

Cost savings

Nonstop HealthTM wraps around your carrier plan, filling in the gaps in coverage with a level-funded reserve account. Depending on the carrier plan selected, this can lead to significant savings on premiums.

Level-set pricing

Customize your reserve funding and out-of-pocket exposure. There’s no need to pre-fund the account or worry about overages — the Nonstop Warranty covers unforeseen expenses and ensures your contributions won’t change for the plan year.

Money Plant

First-dollar coverage

With reduced or eliminated out-of-pocket expenses, you can potentially kiss copays and premiums goodbye.


Ease of administration

Check the status of a claim using our online member portal and easily pay for medical expenses with the preloaded Nonstop Health Visa card.


Gain a competitive advantage

Get the edge in renewals and win new clients by presenting a health insurance solution that lowers costs, strengthens benefits, boosts retention, and integrates seamlessly with their current plan.


Help your clients do more for less

Our employer-sponsored group health insurance solution, Nonstop HealthTM, combines a lower cost health plan with a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) that combats inflation, improves benefits, and lowers premium costs.


Receive dedicated support

As a broker, you have access to our full-service member support team. We’re your partner for the long haul, from co-presenting sales presentations to assisting with open enrollment meetings and ongoing member education.

How Nonstop HealthTM works for you

Save money, save time, and attract top talent.

Reduce Costs

Both employers and employees can benefit from significant savings with Nonstop HealthTM. The exact amounts depend on your organization’s size and needs.

Grow your business

Upgrade your benefits package to attract and retain top talent. The idea of zero out-of-pocket costs can be a great lure, especially in industries or markets where competition for employees is fierce.

Get headache-free administration

Enroll new members, manage claims, and monitor usage data in real time with Nonstop Exchange, our online portal available on the web and mobile platforms.

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