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The first and only Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to offer Nonstop Health ™.
CalmHR and Nonstop

The heart of any organization is its employees.
Let us help you take care of them.

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First Dollar Coverage

Employees can visit in-network providers, pick up covered prescriptions and receive covered medical procedures, all without a financial barrier — no copays, deductibles, no coinsurance.


Employer Choice

Employers are not required to make carrier changes and can remain with their existing provider.


Financial Predictability

Nonstop Health ™ provides employers with a significant health insurance cost savings solution. Employers benefit from reduced rates and set premiums with no unexpected month-to-month variances.

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Nonstop Health ™ is easy for both the employer and employees to understand and utilize, offering dedicated member support, limited paperwork, a medically-coded “Visa Card” that covers most in-network copays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, and a state of the art online enrollment & billing system that generates one bill for all lines of coverage. COBRA Administration is included.



CalmHR provides and manages an employee self-service benefits management portal through our KISS — Keep It Simple Solution (TM) concept. This solution is more comprehensive than a mere self-service portal, as it includes all aspects of HCM.

“For over 35 years, we’ve managed a successful business model based on the premise that there’s always a simpler path. When it comes to HR, simplicity is usually marketed as comprehensiveness. But the reality is that it almost always means higher cost and greater inefficiency.”

-Joe Appelbaum, CEO & Founder of CalmHR

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