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Ready to join the cause?

We’re reimagining health insurance to fix a broken system — and we need your talent.

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Why work for us?

At Nonstop, we put community and customer service first. Our methods are advanced, but our goal is simple: to make healthcare more accessible. If you’re ready to challenge convention and work on a product you can truly believe in, we want to hear from you.

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We’re out to remedy the disconnect between healthcare and care, serving up the antidote to a robotic system that leaves too many people in the cold. We believe great healthcare should be accessible, conscientious, understanding, and straightforward — and we work to make it that way.



We only win when our clients win — and we win a lot. How? We give employers and brokers the tools and data they need to make informed decisions, bringing transparency to the opaque world of health insurance. Then we work hand-in-hand, building the best custom solutions for our clients and earning our victories together.



Everything we do revolves around making healthcare more accessible — when people need it, not when they can afford it. Wherever the current health insurance model puts up a barrier to access, we break it down, fighting against the copays, deductibles, and coinsurance that prevent many Americans from getting the care they need.

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We’re always leveling up. To adapt to a complex industry, we have to unlock new abilities and build inventive solutions. We continually innovate to deliver improved service and technology, connecting more people to better healthcare. And we won’t stop. (It’s kind of in our name.)


High-tech and Human

Health insurance is broken, and the industry isn’t interested in fixing it. That’s where we come in. We’re empowering employers and employees to take control of their healthcare in novel ways, combining state-of-the-art technology and a people-first mindset. We lead with our heart as much as our head, empowering workers and building healthier communities.

Let’s get started

Do you share our passion? Join us in creating more equitable care for a brighter future.

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