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    We’re revolutionizing health insurance. Affordable, straightforward, first-dollar coverage for organizations with as few as 50 employees. Get lower premiums and better benefits. It’s not too good to be true — it’s just the way it should be.

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  • Brokers: we’ve got your back

    Nonstop Health is a win for employers, employees, and you. Save your clients money, bring them better benefits, and gain a competitive edge that helps you earn new business.

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    You want the best for your employees, but good health benefits are often prohibitively expensive. Nonstop’s innovative solution can lower costs for you and your employees while increasing access to care — truly.

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Increase of Deductibles, Premiums, and Wages over Past Decade. Chart Illustration

The cost of health insurance is crushing the American workforce — and their employers

Organizations with between 50 and 500 employees are suffering the worst of it, with total benefit costs increasing 9.6% from 2020 to 2021. Employers are desperate to save money, but shifting costs to employees leads to reduced access to care, and can hurt recruitment and retention efforts in a competitive job market. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

The Nonstop difference

Nonstop money plant

First dollar coverage

Say goodbye to costly copays and premiums. Employees can access care and get prescriptions with no, or dramatically reduced, out-of-pocket expenses.

Nonstop lock on shield

Control of your data

Take advantage of real-time claims data, budgeting tools, contribution modeling, and financial reporting — all in one place.

Nonstop piggy bank

Employer savings

Our high-tech yet simple solution can lead to significant savings on premiums, all while offering better benefits.

Nonstop level funding chart

Financial predictability

Thanks to a level-funded reserve account and the Nonstop Warranty, you always know exactly what your expenses are.

Nonstop benefits

A competitive advantage for brokers

Nonstop’s first-dollar coverage can save your clients 8–10% on premiums without changing insurance carriers. And it’s not just the money. A strong benefits package can boost employee morale and help employers improve recruiting and retention. All of this helps you stand out from the crowd, so you can win new clients and keep your current ones happy.

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What our customers say

  • Green County Health Care Inc.

    “We want to be a workplace of choice. As an employer, we have to create the right environment for people to thrive in. Providing a great benefits plan is a major component to achieving that.”

    – Doug Smith, Chief Executive Officer, GCHC

  • Center for family and child enrichment inc. Cherishing our children since 1977

    “If we remained on our existing traditional health benefits plan, we would have faced the continuation of year-over-year cost increases.”

    – Leonor Rosario, HR Manager, CFCE

  • Tech Imapct

    “As business leaders, we have a responsibility to our employees. Moving to Nonstop was a win-win for all. We haven’t seen increases and our employees are getting better health benefits.”

    – Patrick Callihan, Executive Director, Tech Impact

Doctors visit illustration

Healthcare is a human right

Healthcare is central to a thriving community. Everyone deserves equal access to high-quality healthcare, and no one should have to choose between their financial and physical health.

doctor consultation

We make healthcare transactions less painful

While we can’t solve medical problems, we can help solve medical bill problems — without a 45-minute hold to get the answers you need.

savings chart

We continue to invest in our technology

Powerful tools can simplify the healthcare administration process. We believe all Nonstop members should be able to access and pay for care with ease.  

Featured Resources

Explore expert insights, tips, tools and articles created to help your organization navigate the healthcare landscape.

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    Listen in to this show to learn from two leaders that are on the frontlines fighting for what’s right, Andrea DeMeo CEO of Trillium Health in Rochester, NY and Edward Lujano CEO of Castle Family Health Center in Atwater, CA.

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  • Intro to Nonstop Health ™

    First-Dollar Coverage is Crucial: How to Provide Better Health Benefits for Less. In this webinar, discover a new way to fund your employee health benefits with Nonstop HealthTM.

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  • Ignacio School District

    Who doesn’t love saving time and money? In many cases—for example, the Ignacio School District (ISD) in southwest Colorado—the Nonstop solution does both.
    Read this case study to learn how Nonstop’s health insurance solution was able to help.

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